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Event Topics & Tracks

Finance and Business Acumen Track

Content in this dimension emphasizes how FP&A translates corporate and business strategy into a financial plan, and supports the enactment of that plan through resource allocation. Multiple outcomes are possible, and that single point estimates of forecasts and valuations may be limiting for each budget, forecast and investment. Additionally, processes discussed focus on generating input and insight through financial analysis, supported by enabling technology.

Topics in this Content Dimension May Include:

Performance Management, Measurement and ReportingImplementing & Maintaining Rolling Forecasts
Scenario planningDeveloping & Working with Operational Metrics
Financial Analysis
Resource Allocation & Investment Analysis

Technology & Data:

FP&A turns data to insight to action; the faster we move through this cycle, the faster we can accelerate, decelerate and recalibrate. Content in this dimension focuses how finance can leverage data as a key economic asset throughout business analysis and operations. This may include the systems, structures and processes that impact the management and utilization of data.

Topics in this Content Dimension May Include:

Advanced Modeling Tool SetsData-Driven Decision Making
Implementing & Maintaining Business Intelligence ToolsFinance Transformation
Excel & PowerBI HacksRobotic Process Automation

Personal & Team Effectiveness:

The content in this dimension supports the continued development of FP&A practitioners as the trusted advisors to the business by building credibility, partnerships, and effective communication channels. Practitioners strive to be flexible, adaptable, curious and empowered within their teams by growing in areas of emotional intelligence, communication and collaboration to work effectively across the organization.

Topics in this Content Dimension May Include:

Talent Management TechniquesChange Management
Developing Interpersonal & Communication Skills
Promoting a High-Performing Culture
Leading Through ChangeReinventing the Workplace