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Partner Content at AFP FinNext Asia features educational sessions put together by our event sponsors. Learn from these industry experts as they showcase the solutions they have formulated.

Expanding Enterprise Planning Beyond Finance

Partner Content brought to you by Jedox
In today’s fast changing digital world where data across all company functions are generated at every turn from various data sources, organisations are increasingly turning to the concept of xP&A (Extended Planning & Analysis) Business Partnering to drive better decision-making and improved performances in the planning process. xP&A, also known as collaborative planning, refers to extended planning capabilities across various functions of an organisation; not just finance, but sales, HR, procurement, marketing, etc. The latest technological advancements have enhanced FP&A frameworks in such a way that the office of Finance can now expand the traditional FP&A process to the entire organisations to ensure long-term success. In the current highly uncertain business environment, an xP&A Business Partner needs to be equipped with defined skills and competencies that bridge technical acumen, technology, and influence. The latest technological advances have enhanced and transformed FP&A frameworks. xP&A Business Partnering is the latest trend that is going well beyond just Finance and involves the entire organisation. Enhance and Transform Planning Processes and Cycles in the new era.


Rahul Pandey
Head of Solution Advisory, APAC