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Pre-Conference Workshop

Effective Communication in 2021: Understanding & Influencing Key Stakeholders

On-Demand Educational Session

Finance professionals have important stories to tell within their organizations. Beyond the numbers for which finance professionals are known are the reasonings that, if conveyed clearly, can help shape corporate strategy. Understanding your audience is a key to communicating effectively and is an important skill that can help finance professionals enhance their career as well as help guide an organization’s key stakeholders to more impactful decisions. This course looks at the topics of the importance of listening skills, understanding your audience, how to build rapport, create circles of influence, and how to present numbers effectively. Additional topics include the acute state of communication, setting up a distraction-free decentralized workspace, and personal resiliency.

Learning Objectives:

  • Leverage listening skills in order to improve your communication skills with project stakeholders within your organization
  • Deepen your understanding of your audience in order to most effectively structure the message
  • Improve your ability to present financial data to your peers, coworkers and management team

John Sanchez
Managing Director
The FPA Group